Professor Gang Han's Google Scholar and ORCID

Mechanistic Insights into the Separation Behaviors of Polyamide Desalination Membranes for Emerging Micropollutants Removal. Fuxin Zheng, Tiange Yan, Yalong Lei, Yu Liao, Zhenxiang Pan, Gang Han*, Journal of Membrane Science, (2024) 123101.

Engineering Interfacial Structure and Channels of Polyamide Thin-Film Nanocomposite Membranes to Enhance Permselectivity for Water Purification. Gang Han, Robin M. Studer, Moonjoo Lee, Katherine Mizrahi Rodriguez, Justin J. Teesdale, and Zachary P. Smith*, Chemistry of Materials, (2024).

Dual-enhanced solubility and diffusivity via MOF-regulated impregnation of small molecules in crosslinked polymers for CO2/N2 and CO2/H2 separations. Guangtai Zheng, Ji Wu, Yuewen Jia, Gang Han, Sui Zhang*, Journal of Membrane Science, 705 (2024) 122924.